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Mosaic Foundation promotes the rights of persons with disabilites and gives them opportunities to live fulfilling lives. Mosaic supports over 3,500 persons with developmental disabilities in the United States with the help of more than 5,000 employees in 14 states.

Since 2002, Mosaic, as a member of the IMPACT International Alliance, is our partner in the IMPACT Romania project whereby we transfered 37 children with disabilities from Tancabesti Placement Center (Ilfov county). Supported by the IMPACT Alliance and Mosaic Foundation, we built 5 group homes in Bragadiru, Clinceni and Cornetu, Ilfov county, and created the Motivation Day Center, the Occupational Workshop, and the Motivation camp in Varatec (Neamt county).

In 2010, Mosaic helped us build the National Motivation Center in Buda village, Ilfov. The new building is home to our Day Center and Occupational Workshop for youth with disabilities from institutions, to the Motivation social enterprise and the offices of Motivation Romania Foundation.

Mosaic Foundation, USA

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