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Shaw Trust is the biggest nongovernmental provider in the United Kingdom of services for persons with disabilities or persons from other disadvantaged groups. Shaw Trust works in partnership with public organizations to develop and provide social services that enable their clients to lead independent lives. Also, Shaw Trust provides services to companies in the field of workplace diversity management. These include recruitment and webpage accessibility services. Each year, Shaw Trust serves over 75,000 disadvantaged persons, 6,500 employers and numerous public organizations. In over 25 years, the organization contributed to improved livelihood through jobs and independent living support for over 370,000 individuals.

Shaw Trust and Motivation work together since 2007 to provide social and workplace inclusion opportunities to persons with disabilities in Romania. With support from Shaw Trust, Motivation initiated the employment program for persons with disabilities in Romania. To this day, over 200 Romanians with disabilities were employed on the open labour market thanks to Motivation’s employment team.

Shaw Trust, UK

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