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The inclusion of children with disabilities from public institutions into their new community is a difficult process. Helping them adapt to the new educational environment, and helping the community understand their situation and special needs, are among the main factors we consider when planning and providing services.

The Motivation Day Center serves children and young adults with disabilities living in our group homes, in foster families or in the community. Here, they receive adapted education, physiotherapy, psychological support or speech therapy, they attend parties or seasonal camps.

A more recent, yet very important focus of our team is on developing the independent living skills of our young adults. We focus on providing opportunities to develop vocational skills, to experience social interaction, as well as finding solutions for semi-independent living or even finding jobs for some of our young adults.

Another important component of Day Center activities is experiencing interactions with the larger community. We help our young adults meet children and youth from public schools or volunteers from companies. Some of our youth are Special Olympics athletes and attend local and international events where they make new friends. They also have opportunities to visit museums, go to the cinema, to festivals or other public events where they can feel part of the community.

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