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To offer integrated employment models for people with disabilities and to generate income supporting the programs offered by the Foundation to the benefit of people with disabilities, we started and developed Motivation SRL social enterprise in 2001. The Motivation Romania Foundation is the sole shareholder of SC Motivation SRL.

Motivation SRL is the only supplier in the country to deliver customized seats, promoting the right adaptation and distribution of mobility equipment, including equipment adapted to people with Cerebral Bone Disease (BMI). Motivation has contracts for the purchase of wheelchairs with all County Health Insurance Houses, so that people with mobility disabilities can benefit from Motivation-adapted equipment settled by these institutions.

Also with CAS settlement are the urinary incontinence products distributed by Motivation SRL. These products include: urinary catheters for women and men, Ffley probes, urine condom with adhesive tape or silicone and urine collector bags.

Since 2007, Motivation SRL has been authorized by the Romanian Auto Registry to make car adaptations for people with mobility disabilities, thus contributing to a significant increase in the autonomy and quality of their lives. Adaptation makes it easy to operate the brake and acceleration by hand, thus enabling the person with disabilities to drive the vehicle.

Since 2014 Motivation SRL is the only authorized distributor in the country for performance and lightweight Panthera seats.

For information on the products distributed by SC Motivation SRL, you can contact us at , and for car adaptations at

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