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#EnAbleParking campaign encourages drivers to respect the rights of persons with disabilities. Be an #EnAbleParking supporter and see where you can find campaign flyers and stickers!

Join the #EnAbleParking movement and tell us about it. Together we have the power to increase the number of dedicated parking spaces available to those who really need them. We have prepared two types of stickers that you can download, print and display on your car so that our message goes far and wide. Recommended size: 50 cm x 10 cm.

If you want to share the news, but you don’t drive too often, you can download the leaflet here. In addition, on our Youtube and Facebook page you can find new information, photos and videos about the #EnAbleParking awareness campaign. Share this news with your friends!

Current Partners

Mega Image supports the #EnAbleParking campaign in 234 stores nationwide. Campaign leaflets are available to clients in these stores, with information about the importance of dedicated parking placesaces for disabled persons. The campaign is also present in 30 Mega Image stores, with outdoor panels places on parking spaces for people with disabilities. Here you can find the outdoor panels and leaflets in Mega Image stores.

Parking lots for people with disabilities are regulated by law and are theirs only. Unfortunately, however, it often happens that their right is not respected. At Lidl, we believe that when things are not working as they should, it is up to us to do something to prevent abuse. So we support “#EnAbleParking?” Campaign, as a sign of consideration for all our clients with and without disabilities, who deserve to be enjoyed to the same extent as others by mobility and respect.

IKEA Store Joins #EnAbleParking

IKEA Romania considers important that dedicated parking spaces are available to drivers or passengers with disabilities. This is why our company supports #EnAbleParking, making available free leaflets and stickers for our customers. IKEA wants to be part of the solution to this increasingly common problem. Also, part of the campaign, IKEA Romania placed outdoor posters in front of the dedicated parking spaces with the campaign’s message: “People with disabilities do not want a dedicated parking space, but they need it.”

The infringement of rights  for people with disabilities through abusive occupation or blocking of dedicated parking spaces is a real problem for society, so we believe it is necessary to increase awareness and civic involvement.  We support #EnAbleParking because we want to actively involve our customers in this awareness and empowerment initiative. We are receptive to the needs of the community we are part of, and we believe that only together we can help solve this problem. In this regard, we are determined to involve our customers. Therefore, at Mega Mall parking lot will be displayed outdoor posters and, inside we will distribute leaflets to all clients. We trust that our customers will also be supportive and will pass the message on.

We decided to be involved in this project in order to popularize Motivation`s campaign to raise awareness of the problem faced by persons with disabilities in everyday life when dedicated parking spots are abusively occupied by persons who choose convenience without taking into account the consequences. For persons with disabilities, a parking spot in the immediate vicinity of our shopping center is not an option but a necessity – this is the message displayed on the two signposts located in the area with parking spots for persons with disabilities.

We intend to be part of the change and we are glad to participate in this unique project.

To meet the needs of people with disabilities, Shopping City Targu Jiu has specially designed parking places for drivers with special needs, in addition to the 1,100 parking spaces reserved for customers. Often, however, they are abusively occupied by drivers without disabilities because they do not understand how important parking places are for disabled people. In addition to the space required for assembling and disassembling wheelchair, dedicated parking spaces should be located near the entrance to the shops to make it easier to travel with a shopping cart. “Although we have 41 parking spaces for people with disabilities, properly signaled, our visitors do not take these into account, parking their personal cars. People with disabilities need more space, so specially arranged parking spaces should be a priority regardless of the occupancy of parking spaces of the shopping center, “said Sorin Cureleanu, director of Shopping City Targu Jiu. To prevent as much as possible abusively parking, Shopping City Targu Jiu has become a partner in “#EnAbleParking?” campaign, a campaign that aims to release parking places for people with disabilities from wide-use stores.

Sun Plaza has taken on the role of community educator in the past eight years through the multitude of social responsibility projects it has organized or supported. The “#EnAbleParking?” campaign is a project that deserves support because it answers a real and extremely important issue. We hope that by properly informing our customers about the needs of people with disabilities we will be part of the solution that is so necessary in this case. 17% of the Sun Plaza parking spaces are designed for disabled drivers and we want to keep them free for them so as to ease their access to the shopping center. We are convinced that following this campaign we will see immediate results and our customers will join us to convey the message further.

Coresi Shopping Resort is about people and the joy of being together! In the last three years we helped building close ties between people and communities! The partnership with the Motivation Romania Foundation and the support of the # EnAbleParking campaign came naturally, out of respect and empathy towards people with special needs. Starting June, Coresi joins the #EnAbleParking campaign, and we want to create the mobilizing synergy of this approach for all our visitors! We support the campaign by informing drivers about the importance of not parking in the places dedicated for people with disabilities. In this context, we will mount panels in front of special parking spaces with the #EnAbleParking? message: “People with disabilities DO NOT want a dedicated parking space, but they NEED ITt”, we broadcast the radio spot on Radio Coresi and the materials are promoted on the shopping center screens and totems. Coresi Shopping Resort has created 50 parking spaces for people with disabilities, located near the entrances just to facilitate their access to the shopping center. We are all part of a community, but only together, by raising our awareness and civic involvement, we can be better and more attentive to those next to us!

Security guard: Sir, Madam, you parked in the parking lot for people with disabilities!

Client: I only stay 5 minutes.

More and more often we hear conversations like this, when we go to the hypermarket to do our shopping.

We decided to get involved in the #EnAbleParking? Campaign, initiated by Motivation Romania Foundation, to support the community of people with disabilities, who need dedicated parking spaces. Being a shopping center, it is important that parking spaces for people with disabilities are free and not abusively occupied by other people. We understand everyone’s needs, but at the same time we want to send an awareness message to people: “People with disabilities do not want a dedicated parking space, but they need it.” We hope that it will have an impact on our customers and that it will be passed on by them. We will solve this problem together and contribute to normality in the community.

Occasional Partners

1.5 million people in Sweden have a type of disability. The main objective of Sweden’s policy on people with disabilities is to ensure that persons with disabilities have the ability to influence decisions about their daily activities. It is very important to give people with disabilities the chance to be part of the society under the same conditions as others, which is why transport and mobility are among the areas of special attention in Sweden. The ability to travel without obstacles is of vital importance to people with disabilities. All citizens must be able to work on equal terms, study and participate in activities in their community. General inaccessibility means that people with functional disabilities do not have the same opportunities as others to participate in community life. Sweden works constitutionally to overcome this problem. That is why the Swedish Embassy joins the # EnAbleParking? campaign, printing and distributing campaign flyers in its social component events in 2019, and also promoting campaign messages and actions on its social media channels.

Any awareness campaign helps people find important information about a relevant group or issue. #EnAbleParking is a warning to all drivers about the importance of releasing parking places for wheelchair users, especially in large stores. It is a problem that needs time to be resolved, but the campaign can help change behavior in society. #EnAbleParking is supported by Praktiker in its 26 locations nationwide. List of Praktiker locations.

Abusive occupancy of dedicated parking for persons with disabilities are a problem that can only be solved through awareness campaigns, communication and mutual respect. We decided to support #EnAbleParking with the confidence that all our customers will get more information and understand the importance of keeping these parking spaces free. #EnAbleParking was present in the five Dedeman stores in Bucharest, where leaflets and stickers were distributed to our customers. List of Dedeman locations.

Media Partners

Europe FM is on the same frequency as anyone who knows how to respect others and has joined the #EnAbleParking awareness campaign to help as many Romanians as possible realize that dedicated parking spots for persons with disabilities are reserved only for them, not to give them special privileges, but to ease their lives and give them easier access. On the frequencies of Europa FM and we are watching closely the #EnAbleParking campaign and we tell the stories of people who are not let down by the obstacles life puts in their way. At Europa FM reception in Bucharest, visitors can find #EnAbleParking stickers, leaflets and learn more about how to support Motivation`s initiative.

We support this campaign because we want to encourage respect for the rights of people with disabilities in Romania. We wish the necessary legislation to exist, so that the premises for people with disabilities in shopping centers have the same “power” as the spaces for people with disabilities set up by the municipalities. That is, drivers who abusively park to receive fines and cars to be picked up.

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