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The Motivation Romania Foundation held the “Abilities Matter” swimming event on Wednesday, July 19th. The event was hosted by the “Steaua” Army Sports Club’s swimming pool and brought together people with and without disabilities, in order to promote their abilities and the benefits of the sport.

Five teams were part of the competition, each formed out of volunteers of the Vodafone Romania Foundation and two Motivation employees, out of which one was without any disabilities and the other a wheelchair user. They were joined by two swimmers with intellectual disabilities each, both part of the Special Olympics Romania Foundation. Forming mixed teams of swimmers with and without any disabilities is an argument towards promoting equal opportunities, and ability, of disabled people.

“Besides bringing health benefits, sports are a great way to include disabled people and to help them overcome the obstacles brought by their disabilities, as far as we see it. The Vodafone volunteers’ involvement for the seventh year in a row brought us great joy too. And at the same time, we’re happy for the help offered by the “Steaua” Military Sports Club, who hosted us in a friendly space for wheelchair users, allowing easy access to the pool for all participants in the event”, says Viorel Mocanu, Sport Coordinator for people with disabilities.

This is not the first edition of such an event. Six similar competitions took place during previous years, with the help of the Vodafone Romania Foundation and the volunteers that joint the Motivation Romania Foundation’s initiative.

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